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Learn how to compost green waste and kitchen scraps for a healthier environment, better soil, and even free fish bait! Reduce what goes into the Hilo landfill-compost!

Workshops take place rain...or shine.  Kids free! 

Workshop space is limited. Please register to reserve your spot (RSVP).  If a core enrollment is not met, the workshop may be cancelled or the location moved.

Please reconfirm the day before your workshop. 
Call: (808) 937-2233

County Workshops.  Sponsored by Recycle Hawaii and County of Hawaii Department of Environmental Management.

For school and/or private workshops, please contact us. 

Scholarships may be available, please inquire at time of RSVP.
For additional information or questions about upcoming workshops on backyard or WORM composting, worm bin systems & supplies, or composting worms, please contact:

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