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Professional Consultation, Workshop and Presenting......................
Presentations are available for your group or organization. 
From Preschool to Senior Centers--lively and interactive workshops.        

Home Composting Workshop (minimum 6 people per class) ..............
60 minutes, covers all methods of home composting:
Methods, bins, piles, trouble-shooting, question/answer.  Basic and intermediate/advanced curriculum offered.

Worm Composting Workshop (minimum 6 people per class) ..............
60 minutes, covers all aspects of worm breeding and composting:
Physiology, reproduction, environment, care and feeding, harvesting of worm compost, worm juice and worms, trouble-shooting, question/answer.  Basic and intermediate/advanced curriculum offered.

Home and Worm Composting Combo Workshop (min 6 people)......
2 hours, covers both home composting and worm composting workshops.  Basic and intermediate/advanced curriculum offered.

"WORM-shop" Hands-on Interactive Composting Workshop.......
2 hours, participants receive their own Worm Condo - Worm Bin system, starter worms, instructions and checklist.  Workshop covers Worm Composting Workshop plus hands-on creation of your own worm bin.

Worm Sitting (For Big Island Residents only) ......................................
Loving care for your worm farm while you're away. 
On a long vacation or need to be away for an extended time?  Worm sitting is available for Big Island residents. 
Expert care and feeding.  Call for details.

(Limited availability for this service.)

Gas and/or travel cost may apply.  Email us for details.
+ Travel
* Contact 
us for details

$5 per person

$5 per person


$10 for xtra persons

* Contact 
us for details
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Ordering, Shipping and Handling:
Thank you for your order.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:

Hawaii Rainbow Worms
Piper Selden, owner and operator
905 Hoolaulea Street
Hilo,  HI  96720

(808) 959-7257   during business hours
Hawaii Rainbow Worms offers a full line of public speaking and educational services for groups of all sizes and ages.
Call or email for details.
Hawaii Rainbow Worms
Thank you for your order!  

Custom curriculum for all ages and group sizes is available. 

Contact us for details.

Piper Selden
is a certified Master Composter- Recycler.

HRW offers consultation packages for all your composting needs. 

Other Products,
Special Projects

 local schedule
Piper Selden,  The Worm Lady
Master Composter/Recycler with Hawaii Rainbow Worms
Payment Options:
We accept the following forms of payment for our products:  cash, credit card, personal check, money order, PO, and cashier's check.  Credit card payments can be made through Pay Pal.  Contact us for more information. 

Make payment to:  Hawaii Rainbow Worms (or if you prefer, HRW).

Mail payment to:
Hawaii Rainbow Worms
905 Hoolaulea Street
Hilo, HI  96720

You may place your order by phone or email.  Please include all products and services.  If shipping and handling is required, we will contact you with the fee and total payment.  Before mailing a check, please contact Hawaii Rainbow Worms to confirm payment totals.

Any worm orders requiring shipping will be sent UPS Next Day Air.  (US Postal cannot guarantee worm delivery overnight and FedEx will not ship worms.)  To avoid overheating the compost worms during shipment, all orders are mailed UPS Next Day Air.  Large units will be shipped by US Post or by barge. 

To process for shipping, we will need the following information at the time you place your order:

Recipient's Name
Full street address
City, State and Zip Code
Contact phone number (with area code)

After the order has been shipped, you will be contacted to confirm shipping information.  UPS is handled by PostNet in Hilo

Inspection and Certificate:
Any order that requires worm shipping must be inspected by the Department of Agriculture.  After inspection, the DOA  will issue a certificate for shipping.  There is a $5 per order fee for this service.
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